Friday, July 30, 2010

What a Week

It's been a tough few days in Alaska. On Wednesday evening a C-17 cargo plane crashed on Elmdendorf Air Force Base, not three miles from our house. Yukon and I heard the place come roaring over the rooftop as we sat chatting before dinner. The house shook as the plane, ever lower, flew over us, heading north. We knew something was up. About five minutes later, reports started coming in that the plane went down.

Alaska, Anchorage in particular, has a close relationship with the military. Just about every branch is represented and we know how crucial their presence is to the state's sustainability. An accident of this magnitude hits swift and hard, and we will never be the same for witnessing its tragic power.

Other stuff just doesn't seem as important, you know?

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dorothy said...

praying over their families as they endure the shock of losing them..and you as you live in the shadow of the reality