Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wolf Den Update: So Proud of Little Brother

I always wonder just how much Bear understands about Wolf and his issues. He is a sensitive little boy, taking lifes in stride but digesting certain things until much, much later. It has been a source of concern for all of us to make sure Bear has the opportunity to say what is on his mind. I think we were privy to some of that tonight.

Yukon took Bear to soccer practice tonight for the weekly cat-herding exercise in futility that is U-6 football. They were a bit early, so Yukon allowed a bit of playground time before hitting the pitch. A little girl around Bear's age was at the teeter-totter, swinging her legs and watching Bear as he navigated the seat a bit. Here is the dialogue as reported to me:

Girl: "See that boy over there? He's my brother and I hate him. I don't want him here to play with me because he's always getting in my way."

(Blanch by Yukon, stern look by Bear; I mean, what do you say to that?)

Bear: "Well, my brother is 16 and I don't hate him. I love him a lot. And he needs me."

We need to give our little siblings more credit, I think, when watching and engaging; wondering how much they can take during our daily dealingings with children and their special needs. This kid knows how much his brother means to him, and that is the most important piece of the puzzle.

He knows. We should, too.

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Natalie said...

Holy cow! He couldn't have come up with a better answer if you'd thought an hour and written one out for him! What a GREAT kid and brother.