Friday, July 9, 2010

Sharing the Road, and our Home, with Some New Friends

It's not often we run into people these days whose philosophy of family travel meshes with ours. The Harrison family, originally from Kentucky, is now settled into our basement with mom, dad, and three daughters on the final leg of their 7,000 mile journey to Fairbanks. On a bicycle. One bicycle.
I picked them up yesterday in the midst of a stormy, blowy, and rainy morning that made me wonder why anyone, much less a family of five, would want to come to Alaska at all. It was that bad. But with the help of a travel buddy from Salmonberry Tours (thanks again, Candice), we were able to load up that big yellow bike and schlep everyone from Whittier to Anchorage, where the sun came out and everyone and everything had a chance to dry out.

The media showed up at about the time the little girls were getting settled and starting to play with Bear's toys, and were not at all thrilled to be talking with more reporters. Tired, out of sorts, and emotionally spent after two solid days on the ferry, shrieks and shouts accompanied the interview, which of course made the evening news. Oops.

Reporters also asked the family 'why'. Why are you doing this? Who are you supporting? What cause are you championing? Turns out, none. They are just doing it to do it. To experience the world, learn some stuff about people, and have some quality family time.

That answer seemed to stump the reporters. Not me. That's why we travel. Just because we like it.

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Natalie said...

I LOVE these people. That's the spirit! Big Nike swoosh "Just do it" goes out to them.