Monday, January 3, 2011

From the Wolf Den: When I Know All is Not Well

One of the most challenging aspects of Wolf being out of my daily physical view is my inability to take stock of how he looks and acts, especially within the spectrum of trying and sometimes discarding tools to assist in his future.

We are trying a new medication to hopefully stabilize Wolf's mood in the hope that once he graduates from CHYC he can function more easily within societal norms. Medication dealing with emotions, however, is tricky, since no one has the same chemical makeup within respective brains and Wolf sometimes is unable to say what, exactly, he likes or dislikes about a particular drug.

Tonight Wolf called and was very, very sad. Not just a "situational sad" from the downer of post-holiday finish, but a deep apathy we could feel through the phone. Mom-Radar kicked in, the little voice in my head acknowledged the warning signals coming from my heart, and I quickly caught up with the lead evening staff who agreed that indeed something is and has been amiss.

Clearly my morning agenda has been set.

That does not make the night go any faster, however.

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