Thursday, February 24, 2011

From the Wolf Den and Other News

Not too much other news, really. Bear, Yukon, and I made it home safely from Fairbanks and our wild winter getaway. After a quick trip to Ice Alaska, the home to World Ice Carving Championships and a park full of kid-friendly, icy slides, climbing things, and critters, we arrived in Anchorage to my panicked realization that Bear and I depart for Seattle and the Grandparents next Tuesday, with Yukon following Wednesday. Ack.

Pulled out all the organizing stops as soon as my feet hit the ground from the SUV, unpacking, doing laundry, making corn dogs, putting Bear to bed, then waking up the next morning sicker than sick. Again.

This is indeed getting old.

Poor Yukon has a week full of meetings and an appointment with our wonderful, cussing, Tax Man, so he was a little stressed to find his wife unable to do much more than make toast. Pass the whiskey, please.

Wolf, on the other hand, continues on his upward trend toward summertime discharge from CHYC. Despite a tragic turn of events on his father's side, he has not only maintained his level, he has climbed it. Today we skipped the Hour of Power (thank goodness) in favor of an outing to the movies and Wal Mart with some other guys from his unit and Therapist B. We are nothing short of amazed.

The power of positive. Gotta love it. Maybe if I try I will feel like something other than day-old bread.

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Natalie said...

Get better, safe travels, and let me know if you want to meet for coffee...I'll drive to you. :)