Thursday, February 3, 2011

"In the Middle of My Little Mess, I Forget How Big I'm Blessed"

Today was sort of a mess, from a purely physical standpoint. I hate messes; they're

Wolf and I spent the day organizing the beastly piles of stuff he has managed to accumulate, including a gazillion-gallon tub full of outgrown clothing, read mail, and notebooks filled with zombie stories and interesting factoids. Truly a typical Asperger teen.

I let him turn on "Transformers 2" (oh, how the love of a mother knows no bounds) as we dumped out the contents then spent the next two hours going through it all, me cross-legged on the floor, he slouching on the couch. We laughed over goofy postcards sent by Yukon (where does he get these, anyway?), read magazines, and went silent for a minute over a letter of encouragement from his Popau who died a year ago. It was, for a brief few hours, a regular task by regular people, having regular fun.

Wolf does not like to get rid of anything, and we both agreed today was a major milestone.

A little housecleaning does a body good in so many ways, doesn't it?


Natalie said...

How great for him that he let some stuff go, too! Big thumbs up all around!

Scott McMurren said...

Regular family stuff. Regular fun. Regular people. A blessing, to be sure.

Marge said...

Major milestone, is right. Good for Wolf.Isn't it great to be regular people once in awhile? And yes, a little housecleaning does ANY body some good.

Blessings and prayers for continued successes.