Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love, Love, and More Love.

Or, whatever you call it in Kindergarten. Bear is quite the, um, ladies man, and has a cadre of little girls that call him "theirs". Valentine's Day festivities are nearly here, with a party in the Kindergarten class of the German Halls of Higher Learning, so last night my little Casanova decided he'd better get working on the Tinkerbell valentines he so carefully picked out at Target.

Granted, with only six boys in a class of 19 children, girl valentines are more prevalent than boy ones, and we did, in Bear's defense, buy SpongeBob Squarepants valentines for the fellows.

After laboring over the class list (I so remember doing that as a kid), putting pencils, stickers, and Laffy Taffy into each goodie bag (I know, I know, all this stuff was in the dollar bin of Target and I just couldn't help myself), Bear flopped down on the couch with an air of someone who had just run a marathon. "That was a lot of writing," he said, covering his eyes with his hand.

Get used to it, buddy. We girls can suck the life right out of you, sometimes. Heh, heh.

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Natalie said...

This...well, this was even better than chocolate. He is the most lovable little man.