Friday, February 18, 2011

From the Wolf Den: So Proud

It's been a very difficult 24 hours for Wolf. He lost someone very close to him in a tragic turn of events that has left his natural father's side of the family stunned, confused, and asking questions.

After trying all day to contact Wolf I finally reached him about an hour ago, and, after a conversation with the staff member who has been with him since receiving the news last night, had the chance to talk briefly to my oldest child.

His voice was shaky, his nose very obviously running, and his emotions were wildly swinging. But as I myself struggled with what to say to this grieving young man, one thing became clear. He was acting appropriately, and had been since receiving the news.

Beyond sad, yes. Crying, of course. But no hitting, no running away, and no attempts to sabotage any of the week's progress because he could not process the events of the last day.
In the wake of this river of sadness flowing through him tonight, I am so very, very proud.

I am sure there are those reading this who understand completely.


dorothy said...

Little in the dark here but I can pray over him (you) without details. hugs!

Natalie said...

What a wonderful mom and friend you are to your son. I am sorry to hear he is going through this loss, and proud wil you that's he's managing so well.