Friday, May 30, 2008

Stoked for Tok

The mamas have arrived in Tok, Alaska, gateway to just about everywhere. We would have been here earlier, but the car stereo held us up.

J. and family had a new stereo put in their van yesterday. Only problem was that they did not have enough time for a tutorial on its OP's, so it was left on all night in our driveway on "standby", which we all thought meant the same as "off".

Kids packed up, kisses exchanged, door locked, key turned in ignition. "Click". Key turned again. "Double Click". Kids unpacked, doors unlocked, jumper cables found. Ah ha.

I am happy to report the rest of the journey was uneventful, save for about a thousand bathroom stops with 3 year olds who have not yet been instructed in the School of Peeing in the Woods, leading to a bit of a learning curve.

Sunshine all the way, lots of mountain goats, swans, and one moose traveling up the middle of the highway in front of a pilot car. Guess he wanted to be the one with the sign saying "Follow Me."

A few pics include the far-off Matanuska Glacier, retreating more every time I pass by; our wait for that pilot car, and some playground photos from the Tok School, where we spent our evening after a dandy dinner at Fast Eddy's. A few young Alaskan girls were there with their little sister, and the oldest wanted her photo taken; she is on the slide grinning away.

Tomorrow is the mega-drive. We'll meet the ferry of First Pres Youth in the evening and get ready for our week of VBS.

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