Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Glory Be

We have the sun! At least, I think it was the sun. Bear had me find his sunglasses because it was "too bright" and I had to water the garden under the eaves.

The temperature reached 70 degrees and all the kids of Anchorage, along with a few parents, appeared in backyards and on decks, tentatively making their way out the door with a look of disbelief at our good fortune.

The next door neighbor children coaxed Bear outside for instructions on the proper operation of a water gun. He learned very quickly about rules concerning who to shoot (those with Super Soakers in hand) and who not to shoot (mommies holding a camera, or a beer).

The party really got going once the dads showed up and delivered the news that Uncle Ted is under indictment on seven felony charges. A true super soaking.

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