Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Tail of the Story

Yes, this is the arse end of our neighborhood bear, who is now making quite a nuisance of him/herself.

Around 8 p.m. last night we were settled downstairs watching a movie when Yukon turned to look out of our north window and saw a black furry thing taking a potty break. Thinking it was the neighbor's dog, he turned back to the movie, only to remember that the neighbor never lets his dog out.

He went closer to the window and shouted that the bear was back; and indeed it was. The little (and it is very little, perhaps a yearling) bear went around the corner of the house to our east window and stared right at us before going to investigate the yard waste container.

I went to the front door and hollered at it, and it ran up a tree for a while before rethinking that maneuver, sliding down and galloping away to bother someone else.

Unfortunately this little bear is showing signs of conditioning to people; our theory is that his mother showed him how to scrounge in the trash cans, had another set of cubs this past spring, kicked him out, and now he is on his own, doing what she taught him.
Hope not, the neighbors would be justified in a "protection of life or property" right to shoot him, according to Alaska law.

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