Wednesday, July 16, 2008

There's a New Face in the Family

It belongs to that of my niece, born just a few hours ago in Seattle. She is the second child to my brother and his lovely wife, and the first granddaughter for my parents.
"Niece", so named because she has no name yet (this happened with their first one, too, took three days for the kid to carry a moniker), has a big order ahead of her. Two aunties and a grandma who would like to finally have a break from the boy-isms that have infiltrated their worlds for the last 14 years. Let's see, with a niece I can...
  • Go shopping at stores like Nordstrom without fear of an outfit, even that of Nordy's, lasting a week at most due to grass stains, permenant ink, or melted army men in the pockets.
  • Attend events that would befit a young lady, like the Teddy Bear Tea, with less trepidation than last year, when Ted flew through the air and landed on someone's petit four because he "he was Superman bear".
  • Avoid arguments and/or discussions about bodily functions that somehow manage to occur at the most inopportune moments, like in the middle of church.

Thank goodness there are now some "girl germs" to spread around! We'll see what her older brother thinks of that, however.

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dorothy said...

No picture yet? D - I'm coming 1600 miles to get a look at your moms refrigerator in 12 days. There better be a photo posted by then or all these crazy neighborhood girls are going to come invade your quiet little home for a first hand peek. Hugs to you all - d