Thursday, July 31, 2008

We Can Relax, Now

This morning the three of us packed the car, popped in some Peter Gabriel music, and headed over the mountains to visit our friends in Homer.

Those of you acquainted with us know that Homer is our location of respite from the daily grind. What most of you don't know is that Homer is also currently our escape from an extremely stressful summer.

Yukon, especially, has taken the brunt. Faced with an ever-increasing workload and the non-written expectation of weekends in the office, Yukon has taken a mere two days of leave since January 1, and was forced to cancel a family vacation and our wedding vow renewal in Haines this past week. Which was, effectively, the proverbial straw that broke Mr. Dromedary's back.

A request for reassignment as Equal Employment Opportunity Manager at the VA followed, and my darling husband can now relax. A lateral move for more money, and a more enjoyable job, at doing what he excels, has given him new perspective, and a deeper appreciation for the work-family-self balance that he always strives for.

So, cheers, we are now in our favorite Alaskan place; Yukon is out with our good friend at Dugan's Pub, the skies are clear, and the tide is low. Can't get much better than that, my friends. Clam digging on Saturday, a trip to Seldovia on Sunday, lots of wine, good friends, and song.


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