Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's All Over But the Shouting

Unless you live in Alaska, where the race between Ted Stevens and his opponent, Mark Begich, remains too close to call. With thousands of absentee ballots yet to count, neither Begich or Stevens will back down. Looks like Stevens will get it, however. Alaska loves him too much, convict or not. Don Young was re elected, we'll have to see where his investigation process leads. Alaska overall voted overwhelmingly Republican, no surprise to anyone. It was very odd to see everything winding down on television last night about when the polls finally closed up here. Things were decided, parties were in full swing, and Alaskans could still be voting. Wierd.

It remains to be seen how the outcome will feel to Alaskans; many are so disappointed that I bet they apply this morning for membership to the Alaska Independence Party.

A night to remember, no doubt.

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