Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Update From the Wolf Den: Channeling

I'm channeling this week.

It's a necessary action. It's also an action of healing, for there is perhaps nothing more frustrating as a parent to watch a child suffer and not be able to help them, at least directly, in the way to which we mothers are accustomed. So I am redirecting my emotions elsewhwere.

In a fit of Christmas spirit last week I asked friends and family to support the kids in Wolf's program at CHYC by sending holiday notes of encouragement. I figured I would get a few and then fill in the gaps myself, if needed. In my wildest dreams I never imagined the a response such as the one I have received.

My oldest childhood friend from home, now living in Minnesota with her family of twelve, took the whole crew to the store to gather some goodies, then wrote notes and stuck the whole thing in a box and sent it to me. Her good friend, who has a nephew with AS is sending treats. My aunt in Washington sent beautiful cards painted by my watercolor-artist uncle, and threw in some tasty candy canes. Is there nothing that reminds us more of Christmas than the spicy tang of a candy cane?

A friend just called and said she was working on cards all day today and would send them over tonight. And the giving continues to spread.

I feel better about Wolf being away from us at Christmas knowing that he, and his fellow classmates, will be surrounded by people keeping them in their thoughts and prayers. I am gratified to know that so many other people care enough to take a few moments of their own time to share a positive thought with a child who is spending Christmas away from people and places familiar to him or her.

So little, yet so much.

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