Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Over, and Over

What a feeling to wake up the day after Thanksgiving and know there were no schedules to keep, nobody who had to be anywhere at any particular time. Yukon, especially. This was the first full four-day Thanksgiving holiday Yukon has had in 15years. I did not know this until today, when he was sighing over a beer in front of the woodstove, snowstorm swirling outside.

Of course, that lasted about a minute before the dog jumped on top of the dining room table and began to eat Bear's peanut butter sandwich, deserted by the four-year-old Dictator of Desires. "But I didn't tell Jasper to eat my san-wipch!"

Then the Kirby Vacuum salesman came to the door, the contractor arrived to finish the bathroom, and Yukon's potato chips were eaten by me.

Bet he wishes he went to the office.

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