Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thicker Than Pea Soup

The season's first freezing fog blew in and settled over Anchorage last night, bringing with it a myriad of photo opportunities, if one could get out of the driveway to enjoy them.

The problem with freezing fog is its density; the actual appearance is that of lightly falling ice crystals making us think at first it is snow. Quite lovely to look at, freezing fog is nonetheless best admired from indoors near a fireplace. The temperature has dropped to almost zero at night and never got above 12 today, at least according to our back deck thermometer.

Driving Bear to preschool this morning was a bit of a challenge; slippery roadways and 1/4 mile visibility made for slow going. It didn't help that Bear decided to sleep in today of all days, and was a bit slow himself. Takes after his father's side of the family....

The photo above is from our backyard; the ice crystals that formed on the chain link seemed so carefully arranged.

The sun is going down now, at 4:15 we experience alpenglow on the mountains before the rest of town due to our location. Better go plug in the car; with our bathroom remodel going on, our garage is taken up by sheetrock, flooring, and an ugly cabinet that is waiting for us to paint it.

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