Monday, March 23, 2009

Anchorage, Anchorage, This Is It!

I think we lacked the drama of Mt. St. Helens...

Mt. Redoubt erupted for the fifth time a few hours ago, spanning an overnight rumble of blow after blow of steam and ash hitting the 60,000 foot level of our lovely atmosphere.

For those concerned about the welfare of the Kirkland family, worry not. The ash at this time is high and North of us, heading to the Mat-Su Valley and the home of Sarah Palin, who might take it as a sign from God that she better accept that Stimulus Package, after all.

Visit the Anchorage Daily News for some photos of the mountain and ever-changing updates.

Life goes on, slightly interrupted.

1 comment:

dorothy said...

Nice.... new snow with a grey ash cover. I think that qualifies as an unconditional mess when it warms again!