Tuesday, March 10, 2009

There is a Case for Doing Less

I always know when I am doing too much, because I wake up in the middle of the night thinking of all the stuff going on the next day; which, of course, I cannot do with my usual 100% energy level because I am so tired from staying up all night worrying about it....

After a busy weekend of dogs, horses, children, and other assorted family members, Bear and I spent yesterday in our fleece PJ's, recovering. The snow was falling outside most of the day and I needed to regroup. Bear needed to catch up on his playing, he told me, so I unpacked the wooden trains and tracks, set him up in the family room, and left him to his important work.

I was able to thoroughly cover my office floor with information from three different Special Event Guides I am currently engrossed in. The most deadline-critical is for the Native Youth Olympics (due next Monday, and received only last Wednesday), the second is for the Kachemak Bay Seafest, a spiffy little festival in Homer, our favorite town, and the third is for, get this, the World Beard and Moustache Championships, to be held right here in Anchorage this May, in case you wanted to make those plane reservations now.

My biggest worry is that I will mix them all up and write a Guide touting the adventures of Bearded Youth Jumping After Seals Down in Homer.

I'd really be in trouble then, wouldn't I?

Anyway, here are is a cute photo of the three of us on our latest family outing with Horse Trekkin' Alaska. Good old Steve, the owner, gave us a great ride and made cheese fondue and moose chili to boot. Bear, as you can see, was a little concerned about the big Percheron, Sid, but they eventually became friends. You can read more about it at the AKontheGO Web site tomorrow, I hope. See links to the right. (See how lazy I am?).

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