Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, Monday, So Good To Me?

Isn't that part of a Mama's and Papa's song? It came into my head this morning as I was doing the too-early a.m. dance of death after a way fun dinner with our neighbors last night. No, not too much red wine, although that certainly had something to do with it.

My current suspicion is that the damn ash, which is extremely fine and managed yesterday to get itself in every crack, crevice, and creature around this house, has lodged itself in my head. I am allergic to dust (still, after all these years) and my sinuses are packed full of something I'd rather not go into...

Fortunately, snow fell all night and covered up the gray, gritty mess. After a few cups of coffee and a power-muffin (banana muffin w/ craisins, flax, and pineapple), I charged into my Monday with force. Three huge project deadlines coming up; one tomorrow, two next Monday.

Oh, and as an added breath of levity; Bear called me "Honey" this morning. No, sir, I am not your HONEY. I am your MOMMY, and don't you forget it.

Breathe, breathe, drink more coffee, breathe.

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dorothy said...

Ok - Honey... :) Love you bunches. Want' to freak together?!