Sunday, July 5, 2009

How Time Flies

Someone asked me today how long we have lived in Alaska, and I had to stop and think a minute. Interestingly enough, or perhaps not so at all, I refer to our timelines as seasonal. Alaska, as I have mentioned ad naseaum, functions in so many ways dependent upon a particular season (or two, as we like to call them Winter and Un-Winter).

We arrived here in Winter. Just after Christmas, fresh from the deep South, and anticipating the many new stages of our lives, or so we thought.

Nostalgia trailed me this weekend, as I had time to catch up on a bunch of things that never seem to get done when Yukon is around (he was away fishing all weekend)

I hauled out photo albums to put away the stacks of pictures that seem to materialize out of nowhere, even with our digital storage on various computers. Alaska does that to you. I also took stock of what outdoor gear Bear and Wolf will need for their respective Winters to come (yes, we are already thinking of Winter, for it is but s few months away). Bear can fit into Wolf's ski helmet, he cannot yet fit into his long underwear, but I fear in a few years he, too, will grow like his older brother, leaving me high and dry for gear.

Sigh. Three Winters and Three Un-Winters. We're headed for Number Four. Amazing. Wish time had a tail.

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