Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Update From the Wolf Den; and it is Okay

I am taking a little break this afternoon while Yukon and Bear take a stroll up to their favorite trail. Despite a week of relaxation, it also has been a busy one, so a bit of time to myself is certainly welcomed.

We have not heard from Wolf in a few days, but had informed the school where we were and what we were doing, and so Wolf, in typical Wolf fashion, may be taking advantage of our absence to call other people on his "preferred phone list".

The question has arisen of the difficulty it must be for us to vacation without our other son. Difficult physically, not at all. The constant watching, preparing, and regulating every single action of Wolf that makes for anything but a vacation is not present, so in this respect, our week is not difficult.

I can say that, now. But we miss him; we miss him every time we pass his favorite beach or go to his favorite restaurant. Bear is insisting on a lot of pictures for Wolf so we can show him where we went...

Wolf understands, as well as it is possible for him to understand, that our life is not on hold while he attends school. After a year-plus at CHYC, the boy knows that there are some things he will miss, but he also knows that in a month or so we all will be visiting him in SLC. In that respct, he has grown.

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