Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stormy Weather.....

Don't know why, there's no sun up in the sky....yes, that old song has been a'playing in our heads these past few days as rain, wind, and falling temperatures down into the (gasp) 50's have us scrambling into our fleece.

We awoke last night to pounding rain and howling wind swooshing around the cabin; Bear was a bit frightened so Yukon had to go in and rearrange the night lighting system to get the child to go back to sleep.

Fortunately for all of us, however, was the fact that we were exhausted from our special evening event with our good friend, T. A great guy who lives in Homer, works at the Islands and Ocean Visitor Center, T. is one of the few people that Wolf connected with, and who connected with him. We count him as a valued friend, and whenever we come to Homer, he is one of the folks we look up first.

T. owns a boat, and the day before had dropped a crab pot at the bottom of Kachemak Bay. Hopeful that a few Tanner crab might be lured into the trap, he asked if we would accompany him on last night's pulling of the pot, to which we needed no second invitation.

A slightly bumpy ride ten minutes past the Homer Spit led us to the pot, whereby Yukon and T. proceeded to pull up 200 feet of line, revealing, eventually, 37 crab in the pot.

We were ultimately able to keep five, with the rest being out of season Dungeness crabs or too-small Tanners. Fine by us. You can see how much fun Yukon and Bear had on the outing; both were excellent crewmen.

On the way back to the boat harbor we stopped by Gull Island, where thousands of seabirds spend their summer nesting and raising chicks. Noisy beyond belief, the island is full of birds and their, uh, leavings. But it was fascinating to see so many species of birds, including the gorgeous Tufted Puffin, survive together.

Tomorrow might be just as stormy, so our clam digging adventure might be postponed yed another day, but I am sure we'll come up with something.

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catinanapron said...

Hello!! how wonderful to have found you! I lived my first 18 years in Valdez, Alaska, and have transplanted to Portland, Oregon. I miss it up there desperately, and am so glad I can follow you on your journey!!

p.s. i'm a fellow mamapreneur blogger!