Friday, July 3, 2009

Update From the Wolf Den

It's appropriate that we are coming up on Independence Day. I cannot think of a more fitting title for a weekend to kick off Wolf's first outing w/ his peers in almost a year.

Hitting the Super mark of the school's 'tier of success', Wolf was able to go with B. and a bunch of other stars to see 'Transformers' yesterday. This further convinces me that B. is a saint sent from heaven to attend willingly such a film with eight adolescent AS boys. From all reports everyone had a great time and succeeded in proving their ability to be like everyone else for a few hours.

Sounding excited and positive on the phone last night, Wolf was anxious to tell his dad all about the movie and outing. He sounded like any other teenager who had a night with his buddies...we'll take it.

Tomorrow the kids are going on a picnic; they'll have to participate in many preparatory activities and work together to accomplish their tasks. A tall order, but as B. says to us over and over; "once the light bulb goes on, it's WAY on".

Cross your fingers.

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dorothy said...

Yeah! Wahoo! Go M...Go M's mom/dad!