Friday, July 10, 2009

The Wolf Den Painting

"Updates from the Wolf Den" have a new look, with the addition of a special painting to my blog posts. A few people have asked about the name, the change to the painting, and its background, so I am happy to oblige.

The name 'Wolf' came about by accident, I suppose. When searching for pseudo-names for my sons during the creation of this blog, I randomly chose Bear and Wolf, not realizing until much later the connection and irony the name implied with respect to the journey with our oldest child. Wolves are animals who operate under a strict social hierarchy and those who cannot, or will not, conform to that hierarchy are deemed "lone wolves" and subsequently shunned from the pack. I added "Update from the Wolf Den" as a reminder to myself and to readers that Wolf may think he is alone in this life, but we will not allow him to be so.

The painting that has replaced my Husky/Wolf picture is not of my own doing, sadly. It is, however, a watercolor painting by my beloved uncle from Marysville, Washington, who gifted us with portraits of both our children from photographs I had provided him. The setting is Seward, Alaska, the last family vacation we had taken with Wolf two summers ago. Wolf is engaging in his favorite pastime, beachcombing, and had just finished building a stone wall to hold all the treasures found along Resurrection Bay. It is my favorite portrait and, I believe, speaks volumes about my son. It hangs alongside his little brother's portrait, from the same vacation, in our hallway.

Thank you for continuing to read about our journey, and keep passing along the blog address to anyone you may know who is traveling a similar road.


Anna said...

Your uncle is very talented, one of those pieces that a viewer easily connects with. Thanks for the story and your inspiring positive attitude, intentional parenting, and sense of humor.

WOW Gold said...

Very nice picture, I like this!