Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Apparently I Missed the Equinox

Were you, as was I, misinformed about the arrival of Spring? According to my son, it is tomorrow and we'd better be prepared. Obviously he is.

With the unlocking of Yukon's suitcase, the giving of copious gifts commenced, including the much-loved shorts and running hat from none other than the Nike Store in downtown Portland. Bear wears the ensemble every day, sometimes changing his shirt, sometimes not. If ever there was a child destined to be the next Prefontaine, it would be this one.

Today we took the dog to the vet and this of course was his outfit. We garnered many a smile from other clients, some in sympathy, for we Alaskans have indeed been fooled into thinking it might be spring. Temperatures today were in the low 40's, the main roads are clear and dry, and moose have once again ventured into neighborhood gardens to eat what remains of shrubbery.

Clearly my son, anyway, has acclimated to Alaska. He didn't even shirk as icy puddles threatened to innundate his socks. Such a trooper. I can't say as much for me. I still am wearing my hat and gloves, which probably made us quite the site trotting to dog off to his appointment.


marlynn said...

love it :) maybe he thinks he is in Portland, where it is sunny and 60's this week? :)

Jeni said...

We are on the other end! It's hot and humid but those of us that have been here a while show up some mornings or evenings with sweatshirts on. :)