Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fur Rendezvous Means Family Fun

It's our fifth winter in Alaska, which should account for many of our family's interesting habits, not the least of which include bizarre attempts at entertainment.

With a name like Fur Rendezvous, all sorts of interesting images might come to mind, but let me assure you that all intents are aboveboard and quite innocuous. At least, until next weekend when the Miners' and Trappers' Ball takes place, but that is another story completely.

At any rate, Yukon, Bear, and I, along with our good friends, took a field trip to downtown Anchorage today to enjoy a bit of Fur Rondy. The carnival atmosphere of the whole event, held since the 1930's, was to celebrate both the end of winter (sort of) and the return of trappers from a long and potentially dangerous season of trapping game. Pelts were bought and sold, much alcohol was consumed, and much celebrating insued as Anchorage saw the light of day for the first time since November.

Over the years a more family-friendly theme developed with carnival rides and other, tamer events became the norm. We enjoyed our day downtown, as the photo above illustrates. Not every day one can take a ride on a choo-choo in a snowsuit.

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