Saturday, February 6, 2010

Progress Becomes Us

New Floors: $2,000
New Accent Furniture: $300

Watching the Dog spin 360's across the living room because he can't stop: Priceless!

We're in the home stretch, nearly there, as in almost done with the Kirkland Flooring 2010 Project. One room to go, easy-peasy.


It's our room, and Yukon conveniently flew South today to Portland, where he will spend a week undoubtably drinking copious microbrews and chuckling to himself over this good fortune of NOT needing to stay up until midnight cleaning out from under a bed where dust bunnies the size of Volkswagen Beetles reside.

I believe he has done this to me before, and I sense a pattern.

But this time I am not pregnant and overly emotional. Hehe.
So here I am, listening to opera on our classical music station, drinking a glass of red wine and contemplating a box of very enticing chocolates left over from Christmas, and wondering where, if anyplace, I should begin.
Perhaps the bed. I am sure this will all look much, much better in the morning.

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