Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bear Meets His Match

Our Bear operates under the assumption that his father exists only for him. Even I take a back seat, and have since day one when the child arrived and turned a little cone-shaped head toward his daddy's voice.

Yesterday we met Yukon at the office and walked next door to a local hospital to visit our friends and their brand new, spanking fresh baby girl, born the night before. Yukon is a baby guru, a whisperer to all newborns who hear his deep, soothing voice and melt right there in his arms. As did this tiny bundle of cuteness (I like when my friends have daughters so I can be all uncharacteristically gooshie). Until Young Mr. Bear caught on.

After weeks of baby-related questions that only a five-year-old could ask, after excited prodding to see the baby "when it is done", after a bouncy walk across the hospital parking lot, this child, who loves all children, saw his father holding and kissing and loving on another baby...and put on his angry eyes.

I believe my son was still a bit shocked in the photo above that something alive and wiggling actually came from another human being, so I suspect the smile was a dutiful response to Yukon's question of "Isn't she cute?" It was all downhill from there.

Thank goodness our friends had a stash of dvds in their room. Bear promptly parked himself in a chair and watched a movie about trains, which of course was much better than talking to his traitor father.

Now I know what would happen in our house should another baby suddenly appear. Mutiny.

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