Sunday, December 7, 2008


To go along with the general atmosphere of Christmas-icity around this town, Yukon, Bear and I made the trek yesterday to find the family Christmas tree.
All the way to the backyard shed.

This is the second year of using the "UB Tree" (as stated on the box) and by all practical accounts, it is rather nice to have a tree that is of predictable form, always green, and able to withstand a preschooler's curious investigation on a daily basis.

I do miss, though, the annual journey into the snowy woods, bucksaw in hand, to search and search for an acceptable tree worthy of my family's living room. Our slender, 7 foot tree will never receive comments like "Gee, the tree is a good shape this year", or "Don't you think it's leaning more than usual?", even "Why is the tree brown, Dad?"

Yes, perhaps even I am willing to join the masses of artificial tree owners who would rather be guaranteed a shapely specimen than risk putting a spindly, stunted black spruce in my front window only to tip over the next day because either the dog or the preschooler needed to see what was underneath the skirt.


Carpetblogger said...

we're thinking about putting up our artificial tree and its one ornament. The whole artificial tree thing is an abomination to me but to hear the daughter of CC Brady has one makes me feel both better and certain that the apocalypse is nigh.

AKBrady said...

Yes, I am sure there is a certain amount of psychotherapy ahead of me for doing this.

dorothy said...

I'm there with in MN the real ones cost a day's wages and I would rather feed my brood than bring another fire hazzard into my home. Don't I sound a bit scrougish? Love you bunches! You know....MN is on the way to Utah from AK? I'm sure of it!