Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Update From the Wolf Den

To our son Wolf...
Wishing you a Silent Night filled with Peace.


Mom, Dad, and Bear

This photo is one of Wolf's favorites. He is pictured with our favorite friends here in Alaska, who have provided us with blessings of friendship and love. I know he would like this photo posted tonight...


Jeni said...

What a great picture! I'm sorry that you are not all together today but I'm sure that down the road when you are enjoying the man he has become it will have all been worth it.

Also I asked Josh about the Lego box and he said he did remember it and told me all about it. I could tell it had meant a lot to him. He thinks it's still at his Mom's house. Hopefully when we get back to the states we will get stationed close enough to drive, at least once! He said it's too big for the plane! :)

jen said...

ahhh...thanks! :) Love that picture too. I'll have to copy it since I don't have one! That's the same hill we went sledding on this weekend in Seward!
Thanks for the awesome dinner and fellowship tonight. Your inlaws are the greatest.
Matt will remain in our prayers... we miss him too. I'm sure Christmas, as great as it was, still wasn't the same without him.