Tuesday, December 2, 2008

When is There Enough Snow?

There is enough snow, when...

- The moose spend the night curled up in the carport. Move over, Chevy, Bullwinkle needs a parking spot.

- Children, when given the option, say "I'll just stay inside and read", instead of going sledding.

- It requires GPS to find the dog poop in the backyard. (I do wish somebody would invent this...)

- Shoveling 15 feet of driveway becomes an intermittent, all-day project.

- It takes 45 minutes to get into the frozen car. (Last year I got frozen inside the car, this year I get frozen out, go figure)

It snowed all weekend long, and by Monday morning temperatures were down to 5, the sun was out, and Anchorage was digging, shoveling, sanding, and de-icing everything standing still. Bear did his part on Sunday with the clam gun. He was helping to clean out the garage after the bathroom remodel.

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