Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Update From the Wolf Den

For those who have been wondering, as we were until a phone call from Wolf finally got through, Christmas at CHYC went well.

The kindness of staff and strangers in addition to the kids' families resulted in a much happier holiday for the 17 young people currently in the program, Wolf included. A new hoodie, a bunch of books, a hacky sack from his auntie, and a host of other good things were happily opened on Christmas morning around a lighted tree; as much like home as it could possibly be.

To those who donated time and funds to help out with this Christmas gifting opportunity; a big thank you from staff. The kids loved playing with the bubbles, playdough,and enjoyed the candy canes tucked in the stockings. I hear they have the cards stacked up on desks or stuck on walls with tape. A Christmas snowfall of about 18 inches made the day for Wolf, who told us about a snow cave he built "just like in our yard". I am sure that for a kid from Alaska, a little bit of snow was welcome.

For Yukon, Bear, and I, we navigated Christmas well. Yes, it was a bit difficult watching the pageant at church and missing Wolf's presence as part of the Wise Men cadre, and a missing stocking on the hearth this year was indeed painful. But we got through it, even enjoyed it, knowing that Wolf was (thankfully) enjoying his own day.

It's a New Year tomorrow. A new chance for Wolf. Renewed hope for us.

Blessings to all.

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