Sunday, December 28, 2008

You Know You Are a True Alaskan if...

...The Christmas present that most excites your husband is not the I-Tunes card, new sweater, or Finnish Kick Sled. It is the Carhartt fleece-lined overalls and Xtra-Tuff rubber boots.

Yukon opened his boxes and bags this year with glee not seen since I gave him a gift card to Costco.

Carhartt (pants, overalls, shirts, and jackets) make life in the Alaskan outdoors bearable, even comfortable. Durable to a fault (kids grow out of them before the darned things wear out) and always in fashion even at the most formal event, Carhartts can make a foreign tourist look like they belong here. Well, almost.

Xtra-Tuff boots are knee-high, lined brown rubber boots that come in handy when one needs to slip on something warm and durable to take out the garbage, shovel snow, or kick the moose out of the vegetable garden. Not to mention their value during our infamous "Breakup" season between April and June when a foot of water and dirty slush lie on the sidewalks, roads, and trails. We also occasionally use them for their true purpose, fishing and clamming.

What makes this truly Alaskan is the fact that I am almost as excited by the sight of him in this getup as he is...

"Yukon, Yukon, he's our man, if he can't shovel it, no one can!"

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dorothy said...

I want his hand me down set of overalls and boots! I can so see why you married this man - it's his amazingly practical (and yet manly) persona. Got to love that about him.