Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dare We Even Think It.....?

Shhh, don't mention that it might be a promising summer ahead based upon the last 24hours of almost 60 degree weather. Yes, 60+ degrees.

One would think that we were recently liberated captives the way we carried on and fussed about in our yards and parks today. Even those with no yards or children made sure they got outdoors to enjoy Non-Winter.

Little Bear, Brown Dog, and I were outside from shortly after lunchtime until nearly 4:30 p.m. I checked the progress of my seed starts in the garage (they sit on the package of rice to give them more height and thus reach the light a little better), cleared out the garden plots (things are coming up on the southside!), then cleaned out the clubhouse. All things Non-Winter are stored there; from baseball gloves to backpacking gear to the all-important stash of bug spray. Good thing, as the skeeters were out and about this evening.

Bear took advantage of some tilled soil to return trucks and cars to the road system he built last summer. There is nothing so glorious as the sounds of a little boy working hard in the dirt. He tired out around 4 p.m. and had a snack under the birch tree before collapsing in a deck chair. If you look closely you can see the moustache of dirt encircling his mouth.

I hesitate to say it, but this one day of perfect weather almost made up for three months of crap last year.

And the dog? He ran after kids, his ball, and birds for three of those four hours, then joined me on a run after dinner. I have never seen a German Shorthaired Pointer run behind somebody. He is currently unconscious under my chair.

Yukon and I celebrated this fine day with a barbeque pork pizza and an IPA. Doesn't get much better than that my friends.

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