Monday, April 27, 2009

Wheels and Deals

Bicycling season, like growing season and sandal season, is short in Alaska. Unless one is hardy like my husband, who affixes studded tires to his mountain bike and rides year-round, the bikes owned by intrepid Alaskans usually spend nine months of the year locked in the backyard shed.

This weekend was the first true family bike trek of Un-Winter 2009. I say Un-Winter because after last summer's disaster weather, we have decided that our seasons are either Winter or Un-Winter.

Anyhow, with temperatures reaching a fairly humid 55 degrees, an afternoon pedal down to Cheney Lake seemed just the thing before winding down a Sunday. We dug out bike clothes, gloves, and helmets; pumped up tires and dusted off the trailer that Yukon will use one more summer for Bear before making him pedal his own Tagalong (bike behind his bike).

Bear loves biking with his dad. The two sing songs and chat about their day as the miles melt beneath their wheels. I just ride behind them and listen to the interesting comments that float back to me. "Daddy, moose are not nice to us" "Daddy, watch out for that hole." "Daddy, I saw someone riding without their helmet." (Good boy)

Playing at the little playground for a bit is Bear's reward for sitting stationary in a trailer for a half-hour while Yukon and I satisfy ourselves with a workout. On this day, Cheney Lake was still sporting ice on its surface, albeit slushy ice, but it reminded us that Spring and Summer are but fleeting moments in the seasonal calendar of Alaska.

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