Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kiup! Yellow to Orange for Bear

For all his initial shyness when presented with new situations, Bear has become quite the martial artist. Still participating in Taekwondo two days a week under Master Yu's sharp eyes, the little Yellow Belt had the chance to rise to the next level, Orange.

I am determined to stay out of this, for, unlike my first child's experience with extracurricular activities, I know Bear can handle himself if things get tough. He'll simply tell them what he doesn't know (i.e. how to spar, etc.).

Bear is part of a class called "Toddlers", a new class designed for the 3-4 y/o kids. Shorter and focusing less on actual Taekwondo skills, the 30 minute class does much with following directions, tumbling, and some basic kicking and punching. My favorite part is the following directions/respect part.

Last Saturday Yukon accompanied Bear to his Orange Belt Test, during which Bear, as the only "Toddler", had to show off his skills all by his lonesome, in front of at least 150 other people. He stood at attention, performed his Form (a series of moves), and answered questions like "Who is your Master?" (he got it right).

The final test was the breaking of the board. Last time he had to punch it, this time he had to kick it in half.

As you can see, he was pretty proud of himself.

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