Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter in Alaska

Easter; time for strappy sandles that show off suntanned ankles, bonneted little girls clutching purses, and pastel colors in every store.

Everyplace except here. After three Easters in Alaska, I have come to an understanding between the calendar and the actual weather outdoors.

While some people do dress up their kids in the frilliest of outfits and summery coture, most realize that Easter in the 49th state usually means snow and/or rain, accompanied by a few inches of sandy mud. This year we even had ash to mix things up a little.

While we have been seeing the rapid melt of three or so feet of snow left in the yard, "Breakup" is still slow in coming. This is a frustrating time of year for me; the commercials on television speak of flower sales, lawn products, and new summerwear. We are still shoveling the white stuff off the driveways (two inches this a.m.) and trying in vain to keep vehicles clean. We buy windshield fluid by the case.

Yukon took advantage of no agenda yesterday to wash all three cars in a rain/sleet storm that swooshed down from the Chugach mountains. Bless that man.

Bear was graced by the appearance the E.B. and received some goodies, including his first-ever chocolate Easter Bunny.

Today's weather has turned out delightfully sunny, sending the overnight blanket of snow packing. I am listening to the water run down the gutter pipes and am amazed that each spring the sound still fascinates me.

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