Thursday, April 16, 2009

Update From the Wolf Den: Spring and Other Updates

It would seem that Spring would naturally be a good time to think re-start for anybody. New weather, new clothes, new quarter (and last) at school. Hmm, I think that Wolf may have perhaps bought into this premise.

The phone rang last night just as we were sitting down to dinner. The kids at CHYC call home after their evening meal and before bed. For us, that figures to be around 6:30 p.m., and he is almost always guaranteed to catch us home.

But last night it wasn't his voice that was on the Utah end of the line. It was the Unit Director, with whom I have established a very pleasant working relationship, handy when dealing with faraway school. "I wanted to call you earlier," she said, "but I ran out of time." Uh oh. What now?

That reaction, I suppose, will never go completely away, given the past 10 or so years of phone calls from people in authority over my son. But then the conversation took an unexpected, and somehow liberating, turn.

"I just wanted you to know that your son is doing very, very well," says Unit Honchess. "In fact", she continued, "I don't think you'll recognize him as the same kid when you come down next time."

Really? I mean, REALLY?

Apparently the therapist switch has made an incredible amount of difference one year later. Now, says U.D., he can get down to work. The real work. The reason he is there.

Oh yes, and the other unrecognizable part will come in the form of Wolf's physical maturation process. From what I understand the skinny boy who left this house weighing almost 95 lbs is now a six-foot tall, 146 lb teenager with trendy glasses and a clear-skinned, spontaneous smile.

I sure don't know that kid. But I think maybe I'd like to.


Kevin said...

I like to meet the new man one day.

dorothy said...

Yeah! Wahoo... here is a hug for the mom. And a high five for the boy who is learning the ropes of life.

EventGal24 said...

What an incredible journey. Having been there with you on some of it I can honestly say that you are incredible - as is he, and your husband, and a certain other little blondie.

EventGal24 said...

What an incredible journey! Great job Wolf, AND mom and dad and little bro!