Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Day to Celebrate

Dear Friends, Family, and Interested Parties:

This day is one that brings a fair amount of perspective into this adventure we call motherhood. I mentioned in a Facebook Note, during the craze of "25 Things About Me" that I spend a portion of every day working on the meaning of the word "grace".

Ironic, perhaps, that my church homegroup is now reading Philip Yancey's book "What's So Amazing About Grace?", and even more ironic that Yukon and I are leading the group and I must actually study ahead.

Before I give you my thoughts on both grace and motherhood, I must take a second to wipe a child's behind and move the Bionicle from where it landed in my chicken broth...

<4 minutes later>

Motherhood and Grace in the Kirkland Family

1. I simply adore my children even though they have put things down the toilet that don't belong there, broken all their toys to see how they work, and various other boy things I won't mention.

2. I showed exquisite grace by hugging my surly 'tween at school, even when he pretended I didn't exist and introduced me to his friends as "Mumble-Mumble".

3. Somehow I managed the departure of a teenager down a dark and frightening path, figuratively and literally, knowing that my arms will still be there to hold and comfort when that child returns.

4. The dining room table has not an empty place, just a reserved one.

5. As Philip Yancey said, to paraphrase and replace me w/ God (sorry God) "There is nothing my children could do to make me love them more, and there is nothing they could do to make me love them less."

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