Monday, May 4, 2009

He Wants to Ride His Bicycle

What is it, exactly, this fascination with learning to ride a bicycle?

Bear, who is a bit timid when approached with new activities, was not too terribly thrilled with his "new" bicycle at first. Perhaps it was the size; this bike is a bit big and will last him a number of Alaskan summers and was appropriated from some friends.

Yukon, Mr. Bicycle, spent a good part of the afternoon yesterday (accompanied by well-meaning and interested neighbor children) cleaning, greasing, and attaching training wheels to the "Big Boy Bike". BBB is indeed very cool, and Bear, despite his initial reticence, found himself drawn to the process. Mostly, I think, because his buddy was watching and he doesn't have a Big Boy Bike.

Armed with my camera to document the second and last of my children to learn the mechanics of pedaling, braking, and steering what will be his mode of transportation until he moves out of my house, I watched as Yukon patiently explained to our now-impatient child the art of the two-wheeler.

Carefully, slowly, the apprentice took a few tentative pedals, concentration etched on his sunburned face. Then he left.

I hope he comes back in time for Kindergarten.

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