Friday, May 15, 2009

Update From the Wolf Den: On Site

My nerves are frayed and my body tired this evening after travel that started shortly after 4 a.m. this morning.

Fortunately flights were on time, even early in one circumstance, and I had a chance to eat at my favorite Japanese restaurant in the SeaTac airport. Bourbon Chicken, vegetables, and rice. All by myself.

It appears that everyone who is anyone is in Salt Lake City this weekend. Lines were long at the car rental, on the freeway, and even in Sonic, the drive-in where I stopped to rustle up some "real food" for Wolf. He requested a burger and fries with a root beer. Food, good.

CHYC has been all spiffed up since my visit in February; new paint, furniture, and carpets that set a whole new tone of professionalism. With a new wing under construction for the Asperger's Program, the place is going great guns. Like it a whole lot.

Wolf was one happy camper to see me and his dinner. We played some cards, read some mail, and talked to Unit Director for a while as the day wound down.

Tomorrow Wolf and I are going to venture out of the building for his first outing in a long, long time. We need to buy more clothes and some new shoes. Nice that Old Navy seems to coincide their sales with my visits.


dorothy said...

Hey E and M - love you both to pieces! Have fun shopping. :) d

jen said...

Matt looks so grown up...almost...MANLY *gasp*! :) Tell him we love him and give him a hug from all of us. Jimmy will wear the Oregon Duck shirt to church tomorrow in his honor (or maybe just to bother his mother!).
Invited James over tomorrow for Buffalo Burgers. Hope he can make it...