Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's Beach Weather

Here in Alaska, it is anyway. Whereas most Lower 48 folks would still be wearing fleece at 65 degrees, most, if not all of Anchorage was outside from the get go today.

I will echo the sentiments of nearly everyone when I say that in the last seven days we have had more nice weather than in all of June-August 2008. And I say that with certainty.

Yukon and I persuaded the nice RN teaching our CPR class this morning to forego the video and crank through the material, thus finishing a four-hour class in a little more than an hour and a half. She forever is in our debt, as we were able to stop by REI to get Bear some Keen sandals and return home to a lovely lunch and beer in the backyard.

Bear spent his day with his best buddy and her brothers in their backyard, exploring the nuances of sprinkler running and the classic Slip 'N Slide. He is in bed now after almost falling asleep in the bathtub, red-skinned and weary.

I went to a lovely tea for a local organization that supports premature babies and their families, then came home and took Jasper for a much-needed run through the woods. But don't tell Yukon, who thinks I ran through the neighborhood.

So this is what summer is supposed to look like...

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