Monday, June 15, 2009

Aboard the Magic Bus in Wasilla

Yes, that Wasilla. The very same non-Mainstreet USA that has provided so many people with so much entertainment is home to the Alaska Museum of Transportation and Industry.

Yukon and Bear both wanted to visit before summer got into full swing and we were too busy with other things. Plus it was Yukon's birthday weekend, and well, what's better than some man-time at a place with trucks, cars, trains, and planes?

Not a flashy place by any means, the Museum nonetheless provides visitors with an incredible view of industry during Alaska's short history. Every mechanized piece of machinery or mode of transportation is there on its 6-acre campus and available for up-close inspection.

We took our friends M and D with us, both lifetime residents of Alaska and both entertaining. D, in fact, flew two of the airplanes parked on the Museum's grounds. Much to the delight of other visitors and our own Bear, D provided additional insight into the wonders of air travel in Alaska.

The clouds stayed overhead for most of our day, but no rain squashed our outdoor activities like it did last summer when Bear was kitted out in full foul weather gear.

A more detailed description of the Museum and our trip will be posted soon at AKontheGO so everyone can be sure to catch this off-the-beaten-path attraction.

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