Saturday, June 6, 2009

Perhaps He's Ready...

Young Bear is constantly reminding us that he is not a little kid anymore. Hmph, maybe in his own mind. To us he is still very much a little boy, needing his blankie to go the sleep and relishing his cuddle time with daddy. Never in my wildest dreams did I think he was independent enough to jump on into the festivities during today's family outing.

Toting along our summer intern and her co-interns, the Kirklands embarked on an enjoyable afternoon at the Alaska Ocean Festival in downtown Anchorage. Sunny, dry, and not the least bit windy, the downtown Park Strip was awash in environmentally-conscious Alaskans all enjoying the fun.

Bear cajoled Yukon into standing in the long, long line at REI's tent to kayak in the big pool the store had constructed in the field. Kayking all by himself, no less. No balancing lessons from the staff, no fear of any kind; the child hopped in the boat, grabbed the paddle, and proceeded to skillfully make his way to the other end of the tank where another staff member stood, mouth hanging open.

Guess we better buy back the kayak we ditched when we moved here...

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