Monday, June 1, 2009

Am I Cool?

It has been an interesting and exciting week around here. Our intern (I call her "ours" when really she belongs to the church for the summer) Miss E. has been running about and, to some extent, we have been running along with her.

When there is a 20 year-old engergetic and effervescent young adult in the household, the whole family seems to ramp up. Little Bear, Yukon, and most especially me as I manage schedules, car issues, and even the rest of the interns who seem to like hanging around the Kirkland fam.

A trip to the Zoo Friday, pizza and concert Saturday evening, and the requisite staying up too late and chatting about nothing in particular.

I'm going to be exhausted.

But to bring value to our experience, Miss E, riding home with me after an evening coffehouse service, said "You guys are like the cool, hip adults that people want to hang out with..."

Dang, I'm really that cool? Somebody should tell my kids.

1 comment:

dorothy said...

I think you are WAY COOL! And I have known you long enough to have an opinion - 36 years this June I believe....