Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update From the Wolf Den: What Lies Ahead

In a telephone conference with Unit Director (I use the term 'conference' loosely, as I was standing in the middle of Value Village)of Wolf's CHYC yesterday, the topic of goal-setting came up.

All students at CHYC have regular treatment plan reviews during which time the progress of each kid is evaluated and discussed with staff, the student, and good old mom and dad. Wolf is turning into a bit of an experiment, however, since his residence has reached a new point, and now Yukon and I are being asked to bring our hopes for his future to the table.

What are those hopes?

We hope to have a level of trust that meets somewhere in between what we want and what Wolf can provide.

We hope to keep Wolf engaged in the interests he currently has without judgment or criticism, while opening his world to possibly new ideas and activities.

We hope to expand his social world, meeting new people and learning the cues and nuances that all human beings possess; even he.

We hope to work together as links in the family's chain of loving existence, unbroken but occasionally twisted; and find that acceptable.

The reality of AS and my son's life as it stands today, tomorrow, and years from now must be different from what it was before he left a year ago. Upon his return, life as Yukon and I know it right now, with all the freedom and peace Wolf's school experience has brought us, will too be different. A new normal will need to be created. And that is what we are working towards right now; slowly, carefully, and intentionally.

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