Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update from the Wolf Den: My Co-Mom for AS

Perhaps it is not so ironic that one of my best friends is traveling the road of Asperger Syndrome with me, step by step; she in Minnesota, me in Alaska. The mother of ten kids, seven adopted, D. faces daily many of the same ups, downs, and challenges as I. As she has her whole life, D. faces these frustrations with calm demeanor and steely resolve.

D.'s blog provides an excellent glimpse into the world of AS and other learning and social disabilities. While her AS child/ren are not the same age as Wolf, and only beginning to show some of the difficult pre-teen angst that plagues a family, D. confronts many of the same things Yukon and I do, and her serenity in the face of my chaos is comforting.

As we begin to navigate the road to teenage and young adult Asperger's, I am sure glad she is walking next to me.

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dorothy said...

Thanks for the good word - joke here today? My J is now on the waiting list for an appointment with the only clinic that works with AS kids in the area....the wait list is 10 months long so we might have an appointment in 12 months! The best part of the intake was the "why do you think your child might have AS?" questions. Well....where do we begin? Birth.