Monday, March 1, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything...

A 15-bean soup day; that's what I'm calling it. Finishing up the last of the flooring fiasco (only the stairs left), working on multiple, yet small, writing projects that together mean more time than I have, and going for a short hike with Bear this afternoon. A little bit of everything.

Anchorage schools take "spring break" next week, a term we do not take seriously for it seems incredibly cruel to look out the window and refer to March as "spring". At least the gray of winter takes on a new glow by 9 a.m. as the sun rises over the mountains, the birds sing, and the smell of wet spruce wins out over salt and sand. Took the dog for a run this morning and we saw a pair of eagles perched in the top of a cottonwood tree, chortling at us as we jogged into their space.

Bear and I took a quick hike down to a local bog to get some fresh air and explore this little-used circle of wilderness just a short drive from the house. My friend had not been, so we bundled up the kids and ambled our way around Baxter Bog, a distance of a mile or so once all the roundabout trails had been taken. We didn't see any moose, but evidence of their nocturnal snacking was all around us in the form of nubby shrubs along the pathway. Bear likes to lead, usually with a big stick to ward off any offending creatures and someday I'm sure I will appreciate his assertiveness. He also likes to explore what lies beneath ice, and spent quite a bit of time looking under a shallow bridge for signs of life.

Wolf called tonight to tell us he made Trainee level at school in what he refers to as a "close call". Kids evaluate each other and give feedback, something Wolf has never been partial to receiving but always giving in an interesting twist to Asperger's and teenagers. He sucked it up last night, apparently, and now is a Trainee going for his Apprentice Red. He sounded really, really positive and hardly griped at all about, well, anything. A pack of graph paper to that kid!

Yukon and I are revelling in our almost-organized living room with the absence of a table saw that almost made history as the most obnoxious piece of furniture. It is now relegated to the garage and once the stairs are done, we will be too.
A very diverse Monday.

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