Friday, March 26, 2010

Bear's Day of Truth

Surprised you, didn't I? Usually when I blog about someone's moment of truth, it is in regard to #1 son. Not this time. Yesterday was Bear's day.

We who live within the boundaries of the Anchorage School District are fortunate to have a plethora of choices when it comes to schools. "Open optional" programs, language immersion schools, Montessori, "back to basics" schools; the list goes on and on. When it came time to decide where our little Bear would begin his educational journey, it could have been difficult. Fortunately, it wasn't.

We made two choices, one for the neighborhood school, a fine option, and one for a German language-immersion school called the Rilke Schule. The lottery was held yesterday for Rilke, and Bear got in. I'll have to polish up my Deutsch-sprech'in then. The most comforting part is Rilke is K-8, which means I can alleviate my fears about Anchorage middle schools, none of which thrill me.

The absolute best, most positive part of the day? When accepting our lottery slot, the school secretary said "I need to remind you that since we are a Charter School, we do not have a full-time education specialist, so we must know ahead of time if your child has needs we need to meet."

I was happy to say "No".

I was just a little bit sad, too.

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Natalie said...

Lovely post. And what a darling. He'd be trouble in my house...I'd have a gorrible time saying "no". (I am sure he would teach me.)